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Beautiful beaches and break up’s

Perfect scenery… Nature at its best…. Clarity… with the person you have chosen to love. What more could one ask for?

To the outside, what may seem like a couple in love… Can be a very different story behind closed doors…

Love isn’t just laughter; great sex and enjoying each other’s company.. Love is accepting their flaws.. All the bad points which makes you question the relationship, love is knowing you could kill them, but living without them is unthinkable.

It takes you through the war. You experience joy and pride but at the same time you are vulnerable. You try your best but what to do when your best isn’t enough?

Maybe sometimes, love isn’t black or white…. Maybe love require space… Love requires alone time..
Love is just a word…. Sometimes loving yourself is easier than loving someone else.

I don’t know what, but something is making me feel icky!

I don’t feel stressed, but my body is exhausted from the 200mph life I’ve been living!!

I’ve changed. I feel dis-aligned (is that even a word?)

My passion which use to motivate me to be a better person seems to have been switched off…. I feel like I’m stagnant. Is this what happens before a big change?

I know the the laws of nature say we shouldn’t look back. But I feel I need to reverse and identify when it all started changing… Take me back to the root cause, so I can carve a new road..

Something isn’t right and I have to take control and change it.


Today you have turned yesterdays uncertainties, into an open heart of admiration… Who would have thought, falling in love with a friend would bring such comfort and joy.

Dear god I give you this relationship, to protect and grow as you please. We trust you will deliver us goodness and enough hardship to become stronger companions.

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