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I don’t know what, but something is making me feel icky!

I don’t feel stressed, but my body is exhausted from the 200mph life I’ve been living!!

I’ve changed. I feel dis-aligned (is that even a word?)

My passion which use to motivate me to be a better person seems to have been switched off…. I feel like I’m stagnant. Is this what happens before a big change?

I know the the laws of nature say we shouldn’t look back. But I feel I need to reverse and identify when it all started changing… Take me back to the root cause, so I can carve a new road..

Something isn’t right and I have to take control and change it.


Today you have turned yesterdays uncertainties, into an open heart of admiration… Who would have thought, falling in love with a friend would bring such comfort and joy.

Dear god I give you this relationship, to protect and grow as you please. We trust you will deliver us goodness and enough hardship to become stronger companions.

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